AGV Academic-AGV Selection Guide

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Date:2017-08-18 16:27

The application of AGV replaces the traditional manual handling method, which greatly promotes the technological progress of enterprises, improves working conditions and environment, improves the level of automated production, effectively liberates labor productivity, reduces the labor intensity of workers, reduces staffing, and optimizes production structure Save manpower, material resources, and financial resources, and create a human-machine friendly, harmonious and pleasant, scientific and civilized production environment.


The purchase of AGV car should be considered from the following points.


1. Security

The body is the main supporting device for assembling other AGV components and one of the main components in motion. Consider that the running AGV may collide with people or other objects. In addition to the operational requirements, the exterior of the car body must not have sharp corners and other protrusions and other dangerous parts.


Obstacle contact buffer. In order to avoid the negative impact of the collision and ensure the safety of people and objects in the operating environment, the AGV body must be equipped with obstacle-contact buffers. Generally, the obstacle-contact buffer is installed in the front and rear of the AGV body running direction. The material of the buffer is elastic and flexible, so that even if a collision occurs, it will not cause people and objects colliding with it and themselves. Great damage,


Obstacle approach detection device. It is an auxiliary device for obstacle contact buffer function. Within the prescribed effective range, AGV is indispensable for ensuring safety in all occasions. Within this range, it will bring AGV to a suitable operating speed and reduce Inertial, slow parking, it is a safety device that takes effect before the obstacle-contact buffer. When the obstacle is removed, the AGV will automatically resume normal driving.


Alarm device. In order to notify the AGV of its movement status and call attention to the surroundings, the AGV must be equipped with various alarm devices. Including: automatic operation indicator light, warning light, buzzer.


Emergency stop device: AGV must have an emergency stop device to maintain itself under sudden abnormal conditions. The emergency stop device is located on the body for easy identification and operation, and the emergency stop function can be realized through simple operations such as "hand press"; it has a system interlock protection function.


2. Scalability


3. Failure rate and maintainability


4. After-sales service


5. Price


In addition: the application of AGV automatic guide car is based on the principle of meeting the user's production indicators and leaving room for the user's future development. According to the process requirements and the weight and size of the product to be transported, the AGV car guide method, car size, load Capacity, charging method. In the existing space, according to the requirements of the system, the logistics route is effectively arranged, the path is shortened, the purpose is simple and smooth, and interference is avoided as much as possible to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.