CSG Huaxiao: In terms of strength, production line AGV shipments ranked first in the country

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Date:2018-04-27 16:41

With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the continuous increase in labor costs, automated logistics technology has developed rapidly in the fields of manufacturing, third-party logistics and e-commerce. Among them, the automatic navigation car (AGV) known as "mobile robot" has been particularly prominent in the field of automobile manufacturing in recent years.




Huaxiao Precision Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CSG Huaxiao"), as a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKUST Intelligent Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the unmanned logistics and flexible production and assembly in the manufacturing field. And can provide AGV core products and other supporting equipment for various fields. It is worth mentioning that CSG Huaxiao's performance in the automotive manufacturing industry is particularly eye-catching, with 90% of its customers concentrated in the automotive and automotive parts industry. It is no exaggeration to say that domestic mainstream auto companies are all customers of CSG Huaxiao.


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In the automobile manufacturing industry, AGVs are widely used in production lines. Based on the characteristics of this usage scenario, we also call this type of AGV "production line AGV". According to statistics, in 2017 CSG Huaxiao production line AGV shipments were nearly 2000 units. According to research data from the GGII research institute, the CSG Huaxiao production line's AGV shipments ranked first in China in 2017, far surpassing similar manufacturers.


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The following are the customer cases of CSG Huaxiao in the production line AGV collated by the editor. The facts prove that CSG Huaxiao's achievements are well-deserved.


Classic case: Automobile transfer case of stamping, welding and assembly shop of Guangzhou Automobile's Hangzhou plant

Automobile transfer case of stamping and welding workshop of Guangzhou Automobile's Hangzhou plant is a typical intelligent AGV transportation system to replace manual cases. However, unlike the same type of case, this case is the first time to realize the unmanned transfer of the stamping and welding workshop. Change.


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Automobile transfer case of the stamping and welding workshop of Guangzhou Automobile's Hangzhou plant uses a new generation of industrial styling 1500kg unidirectional belt AGV with linear reversal function to achieve intelligent distribution of stamping parts to the welding workshop. It is worth mentioning that, based on the distribution of production inspection and welding station parts, CSG Huaxiao designed the starting chain system, which can effectively reduce the error rate of manual batching, improve the workshop automation rate, and reduce the line-side inventory.


The reason why CSG Huaxiao can achieve such impressive results, and the reason why the production line AGV shipments are so huge, is because CSG Huaxiao has its own unique insights into the manufacturing process and related overall solutions of this category of AGV , To meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. This coincides with the core of CSG Huaxiao's business, which is "oriented by user needs" and strives to be "the most intelligent customer supply chain that understands customers." Thanks to CSG Huaxiao's outstanding overall solution capabilities and intimate customer awareness and service awareness, CSG Huaxiao has a good reputation among customers.


In addition to the luminescence of the automobile manufacturing industry, CSG Huaxiao has been actively seeking breakthroughs in new industries and new fields, and strives to gain a firm foothold in the future in 3C, lithium battery, finance, materials and other industries. While continuing to innovate and develop itself, CSG University of Science and Technology is also deepening its in-depth communication with the AGV industry, participating in the formulation of industry standards, and contributing its own strength to creating a process-oriented and standardized AGV industry.