The 2nd Vehicle Assembly & Inspection Conference CSG Huaxiao shared flexible conveying experience

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Date:2019-01-27 13:21

January 2019 10-11 , the second vehicle assembly & detection of the General Assembly in Zhejiang Ningbo, held a grand line. The General Assembly, according to process different , broken down into traditional & new energy vehicle assembly hall and a battery assembly hall , invited more than 20 -bit industry technical experts to the scene to share industry dry. More than 300 people attended the meeting and listened to the latest hot technology sharing in the industry .

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Huaxiao Precision Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSG Huaxiao) was invited to attend this conference. Executive Deputy General Manager Li Dawei, on behalf of CSG Huaxiao , shared the theme of " Conventional & New Energy Vehicle Assembly and Battery Assembly " as " Lectures on Application of Flexible Transportation in Assembly Shop and Application of Flexible Transportation in Battery Assembly.


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"Application of Flexible Conveyance in Assembly Shop"

In the speech of "Application of Flexible Conveyance in General Assembly Shop", Li Dawei made a brief description and analysis on the three major elements of final assembly: logistics, assembly, and quality, and elaborated on the application scenarios of flexible transportation in logistics and assembly. Flexible conveying has the characteristics and advantages of the shortest route, the minimum inventory, the rationalization of space and the minimum error.


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When talking about the idea of ​​flexible transportation planning, Li Dawei started with the overall layout, deeply analyzed the current mainstream layout mode and component modules, and combined with actual cases on this basis, proved the flexibility and efficiency of flexible transportation technology.

"Application of Flexible Transportation in Battery Assembly"

Experience comes from practice. In the speech of "Application of Flexible Transportation in Battery Assembly", Li Dawei started with rational layout, analyzed the application of flexible transportation layout model in battery PACK, and listed related cases to supplement the explanation, which caused many Guest interest. After the speech, the participants asked questions one after another, and Li Dawei also provided detailed answers for everyone.


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During the two-day meeting, CSG Huaxiao had great discussions with partners from traditional & new energy OEMs, assembly/software system integrators, battery factories & PACK companies , learning from each other while communicating and communicating. 

About CSG Huaxiao

CSG Huaxiao is an intelligent logistics overall solution provider. It is committed to the unmanned logistics in the manufacturing field, flexible production and assembly, and intelligent vehicle inspection. It can provide customers with overall solutions and core products in the above fields. 90% of CSG's customer base is concentrated in the automotive and auto parts industry, and most of the mainstream domestic auto companies are our customers.


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Founded in 2003, CSG Huaxiao has been cultivating in the field of intelligent logistics for 16 years. With years of rich project experience, excellent talent team, and professional R&D capabilities, CSG Huaxiao thinks about what customers think and strives to provide customers with intimate Service, high-quality products, perfect solutions.