Zhihe · new journey | The ANNUAL meeting of CSG Huaxiao 2020 was held ceremoniously

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Date:2020-01-20 15:48

The gathering is people, and the heart is the heart. On January 19th, CSG Huaxiao's "Intelligence and New Journey" 2020 Enterprise Annual Meeting was held at the Taihu International Conference Center. All the people gathered, pooled their strength, refined and pragmatic, and rushed towards 2020!


Leader's speech summary

The speech of Executive Director Liu Xiaojing solemnly opened the prelude to the annual meeting. Wantai AGV went offline and won the bid for the world's top auto company... Liu Dong gave full recognition and praise for the efforts and dedication of all employees in the past year. Looking ahead to 2020, under the background of increasingly fierce market competition, Liu Dong hopes that CSG Huaxiao people will be based on their own duties and work diligently to play an extraordinary role in ordinary positions and fight for new heights.



Subsequently, the general manager Mr. Li Dawei took the stage on behalf of the company to make the "2019 Work Report and 2020 Work Outlook". President Li analyzed the economic situation in 2019, summarized the achievements of CSG Huaxiao, and made detailed comments on the work of various departments throughout the year. And put forward the 2020 keywords "focus on industry customers, insist on cash as the king, core technology reinforcement, quality system construction", President Li pointed out the goal direction, hoping that all employees' goals and actions are consistent, produce synergy, and write a new chapter of company development.



Recognition of outstanding employees

In summary, at the same time that CSG Huaxiao's various businesses have developed rapidly and steadily, a number of employees with strong work responsibilities and outstanding performance have also emerged. At the annual meeting, Liu Dong and President Li successively presented awards to outstanding employees and outstanding teams. Only with good people, you will become better, this is the power of role models!




Different from previous years, the first phase of Chunxiao's graduation ceremony was added this year, which awarded Outstanding Student Award, Best Progress Award and Outstanding Learning Group Award. As a company leader, they shoulder the heavy burden of the company's development and lead various departments and teams of the company to achieve good results.


Wonderful performance at the annual meeting

The masters are in the private sector. At the annual meeting, the friends from various departments brought a variety of wonderful performances.


Lottery and games, of course, can not be less. In order to make the annual meeting more interesting, employees used their spare time to create a customized mini-game "CSG Hua Xiao Yi Xiang Xiang Fu". While watching performances and enjoying food, employees were able to play games and grab red envelopes.



The climax of this annual meeting is nothing more than the extraction of the "Koi Carp Award". The company's leaders paid for themselves, and the 10,000 yuan cash prize was owned by one person. In addition, large color TVs, vacuum cleaners...gifts piled up in the mountains. The annual meeting brought cheers and laughter to everyone, and at the same time brought the hearts of colleagues closer to each other.



One dollar repeats, Vientiane renews. In the face of 2020, CSG Hua Xiao is ready for the whole team. The whole army will attack He Zhuangzai.