Let's get started. | CSG Huaxiao walks hand in hand with you

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Date:2020-02-13 15:52


Dear employees

Dear customers and friends

Today is February 12, 2020

19th lunar month

The CSG Huaxiao plant was officially started, with a new attitude to meet the challenges of 2020!



This year's Spring Festival looks exceptionally long. A sudden outbreak has extended the time we meet for a long time. At this very moment, we say peace to you and extend our cordial greetings to all customers, friends, supply chain, employees and family members! I wish you all good health and good luck! From now on, all of our business will be carried out normally. If you have any questions or business related to our company, customers, partners and friends, you are welcome to contact us, we will respond to your needs in the first time.



Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, CSG Huaxiao has attached great importance and paid close attention. Let the clock run normally, let the society keep on swinging, is CSG Huaxiao's biggest contribution to the fight against the epidemic! In order to fully protect the personal safety of each employee and maintain the normal operation of the company, CSG Huaxiao carried forward the spirit of responsibility and established an epidemic emergency response team to implement the epidemic prevention measures in every detail and pay close attention to each CSG Huaxiao person Health status, make every effort to protect everyone's safety. At the same time, CSG Huaxiao will still take customer requirements as the core, and fully protect the interests of customers under the condition of fully ensuring the safety of personnel. We are willing to walk hand in hand with you to fight against the epidemic.



2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The epidemic has cast a shadow on the beginning of this year, but CSG Huaxiao will not be afraid, letting the joy of starting work dilute the shadows and letting the strong will cut through the haze. In the new year, we will continue to uphold the core values ​​of "integrity, responsibility, openness, and innovation", face challenges, seize opportunities, face difficulties, face the sun, and firmly believe that the dawn is ahead!




Lichun is approaching, and recovery is expected. Thank you for your hard work and long-term trust and cooperation with our customers. In this special period, we are always full of motivation and full of confidence. We firmly believe that by working together and moving side by side, we will be able to overcome the difficulties together!