CSG huaxiao new offline | hualong H system temperature measurement elimination robot to combat the epidemic

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Date:2020-03-09 15:56

At 15:30 pm on March 5th, Beijing time, the product of "Hualong H series temperature measuring and killing robot" was officially launched. This ceremony was held at the CSG Huaxiao Suzhou plant. Mr. Li Dawei, the general manager of CSG Huaxiao, the company's senior executives and R&D personnel attended this new product off-line ceremony and witnessed the "technical prevention and control weapon" in this special period.

At the off-line ceremony, Mr. Li Dawei, the general manager of CSG Huaxiao, unveiled the true content of "Hualong H series temperature measuring and killing robot". He emphasized that science and technology are the key factors to promote social development. As a technology enterprise that takes social responsibility to our own responsibility, we must not forget our original intentions, adhering to the vision of "intelligent mobility, intelligent future", actively innovate, respond quickly, and be brave, serve the society.

Subsequently, Huang Zhaowei, the chief designer of the CSG Huaxiao project team, showed us the structure, functional characteristics, applications and application instructions of the Hualong H series temperature measurement and killing robot.

CSG Huaxiao's first temperature measuring and killing robot will be launched on the front line of power production on March 6th, adding bricks and tiles to the resumption of production and providing suggestions for the development of anti-epidemic!




Help to prevent and control the epidemic

Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, CSG Huaxiao responded quickly, and resumed work in the face of adversity for the first time, facing 2020! The company fully concentrated its R&D strength and industry resources. It only took 20 days to complete the product function design, process design, assembly and debugging of the temperature measurement and killing robot. Provide scientific and technological support for war, and provide the most powerful security guarantee for the front line of war epidemic!



"Someone" measures temperature and "no one" disinfection

Hualong H series temperature measuring and killing robot is an intelligent robot integrating temperature measuring and disinfection and sterilization. Automatic personnel identification, accurate temperature measurement in seconds; through industrial-grade algorithms to ensure 100% area coverage automatic virus elimination. It avoids the risk of secondary transmission of personnel and eliminates the hidden dangers of personnel operation.

Autonomous Navigation Obstacle Avoidance-It has autonomous navigation technology and can actively avoid obstacles. Effectively ensure the safety of the cooperation between the robot and the personnel, and prevent the robot from affecting the normal operations of the personnel.

Infrared body temperature monitoring-it is equipped with an infrared camera, which can monitor the person's body temperature in real time, and automatically alarm when an abnormality is found, to avoid the spread of virus in the first time.

Ultraviolet rapid disinfection-6 ultraviolet disinfection devices certified by the Disinfection Testing Center of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine are covered in 360 degrees, and the complete disinfection of more than 100 square meters can be completed in 5-30 minutes.

Friendly operation interface-The equipped smart tablet has a novice-friendly user operating system interface, which can be used without learning costs.

Automatic and flexible killing-the robot supports automatic killing and killing functions for specified tasks, and is equipped with a wireless remote control handle for remote control. The user can select the robot for a specified time. The individual killing of the area, you can also use the remote control handle to accurately control the route of action in a complex environment, with extremely high flexibility and adaptability.

Personnel identification and protection-this robot will dynamically rotate and walk during the disinfection process. If human life dynamics are detected in the disinfection area, it will remind the personnel to leave the robot working area, if the personnel have not left or approached, The robot will automatically suspend UV killing to protect the health of the personnel, and continue the original mission after the personnel leave.

Intelligent autonomous charging-the robot supports dual modes of manual and intelligent automatic charging. It can work continuously for 6 hours on a single charge, covering a workplace of 1200 square meters. There is no need for human intervention during the whole process. There is no noise pollution during the whole process. It is a good helper for night disinfection.



"Someone" temperature measurement


The robot's automatic temperature measurement supports simultaneous temperature measurement by up to 8 people. The temperature measurement results are displayed in seconds and updated in real time. Once someone walks through its sensing area, the temperature can be measured automatically without human intervention.


"No one" disinfection 


After testing, the Hualong H series temperature measuring and killing robot can achieve a 99.9% killing effect on spores and various multi-drug resistant bacteria on the surface of the object in a high-level disinfection mode.

In addition, the robot has an automatic personnel protection function, which automatically responds when it finds personnel, which is convenient and efficient.



Multi-scenario application

Schools, hospitals, airports, stations, cinemas, supermarkets, factories, office buildings, industrial parks, hotels and other places with large numbers of people and dense crowds.

Typical applications are as follows: restaurant environment, driving to the door to welcome guests to measure the temperature at the peak of the meal. After the meal time has elapsed, the global killing is automatically launched. After the completion of the charging, it returns to the welcome temperature measurement area to welcome the next meal.

Office environment: The temperature is measured at the door during the peak hours of work. After completion, the vacant meeting rooms and public areas are disinfected. After get off work, all the stations are automatically covered and eliminated to welcome the new day of office. 


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CSG Huaxiao adheres to the core values ​​of "integrity, responsibility, openness, and innovation", and uses "intelligence" as a weapon to fight against "epidemic disease". As long as the country and people need it, CSG Huaxiao will do its utmost to go all out and vow to carry out innovation and R&D to the end.