Ding! You have a gift from CSG Huaxiao, please check it!

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Date:2020-03-26 09:37


Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by new coronaviruses, the country has been struggling and fighting against the epidemic together! As a company that puts customers first, CSG Huaxiao always cares about customer health during the epidemic. 


Currently in a critical period of epidemic prevention, the "necessities of life" masks are hard to find, and CSG Huaxiao strives to solve the customer's "mask shortage" problem. What customers need and what we manufacture, CSG Huaxiao supervised and produced 10,000 medical masks for the first time and gave them to customers for free. Use the most reliable mask to protect the most important you.



The epidemic is merciless, and a mask shows the true feelings. A small gift box is not an ordinary medical mask, it is more of CSG Huaxiao's "true feelings" for you. CSG Huaxiao cares about your production and takes care of your health!



CSG Huaxiao always adheres to the core values ​​of "integrity, responsibility, openness and innovation". During the epidemic, it fully concentrated R&D and industry resources. It took only 20 days to complete the research and development and production of Hualong H series temperature measurement and killing robots. . This robot has been successfully applied in the frontline of dense epidemic prevention in office buildings and other people.


The epidemic is not endless, and research and development is non-stop. At present, CSG Huaxiao's second "triple elimination" spray-type epidemic prevention robot has entered the final assembly and debugging stage, and is expected to be available in early April.




The epidemic situation is not over yet, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim. We need to be serious and not to relax. CSG Huaxiao fully guarantees the interests of customers under the condition of fully ensuring the safety of personnel, and works hand in hand with our customers to overcome difficulties!