From industry to business, CSG Huaxiao has made an important crossover step!

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Date:2020-04-07 09:47

On April 1, Suzhou TV Station and Suzhou Daily and other reporters came to Huaxiao Precision Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSG Huaxiao). About CSG Huaxiao's breakthrough achievements during the epidemic, the product characteristics and usage of Hualong H series "Meerkat" temperature measuring and killing robot, Mr. Li Dawei, general manager of CSG Huaxiao, gave a detailed explanation for him!!!



The reason behind the rapid development

As a high-tech enterprise, CSG Huaxiao is committed to unmanned logistics and flexible production and assembly in the field of industrial manufacturing. During the epidemic situation, CSG Huaxiao responded quickly, responded to the needs of society and the people at the first time, and concentrated all his efforts on research in the field of epidemic prevention robots. The first temperature measurement and killing robot completed the research and development in only 20 days.



"Why did CSG Huaxiao complete the research and development of the epidemic prevention robot in such a short time?" Facing the reporter's question, Mr. Li Dawei's answer appeared calm and confident: "Our company's core technology lies in mobile robot technology. In this technology We have been cultivating for 17 years. The epidemic prevention robot and AGV have a lot in common in technology, the most important thing is the precipitation of mobile platform technology, so we can complete the development in such a short time."


Advantages and characteristics of iteratively upgrading products

The temperature measuring and killing robot displayed under the lens this time is an upgraded product. It uses short-wave UVC ultraviolet rays to carry out autonomous mobile anti-virus on the surface and air of environmental objects, with a killing effect of up to 99.9%; the infrared camera can detect the body temperature of personnel. If the body temperature is abnormal, the machine will automatically alarm. In addition, the temperature measurement and killing robot also has autonomous navigation technology, which can move autonomously and avoid obstacles autonomously. It is suitable for places with large numbers of people and dense crowds such as shopping malls, stations, office places, and production places.


Unlike the first generation, this robot has a certain upgrade in performance. Compared with the first generation, this killer robot has a significant improvement in safety performance and ease of use. After the upgrade, the disinfection lamp is embedded in the housing and no longer protrudes, avoiding the possibility of accidental collision of the lamp tube resulting in breaking; at the same time, a high-altitude obstacle sensor is added on the original basis, which can effectively identify the table, bed, etc. "Font-shaped objects, adapt to more scene range.



In addition, CSG Huaxiao has also optimized the operating system. In order to facilitate user operation, the upgraded system integrates all functions on a flat panel, replacing the original "handle + system" dual control operation mode. At the same time, in order to reduce the user's learning cost, CSG Huaxiao has optimized the interface. Using the visual interface and user-friendly operation method, the operator can see the functions of killing the robot at a glance, and can "get through" all the functions in 3 seconds.






At present, the CSG Huaxiao Hualong H series "Mongoose" temperature measuring and killing robot has been successfully applied in the frontline of densely populated epidemic prevention in office buildings. CSG Huaxiao's second "triple elimination" spray-type epidemic prevention robot has completed the research and development and assembly work, is in the final commissioning stage, and will be available in early April.


During the epidemic, CSG Huaxiao, who adheres to the core values ​​of "integrity, responsibility, openness, and innovation", fully understands the current social needs, and gives full play to the inherent advantages of the enterprise, and the spirit of innovation and R&D. "What do people need, what do we make!"