CSG hua-xiao new launch | hua-peng W steering wheel type great car AGV

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Date:2020-05-20 09:12

As the industry's requirements for automated handling are getting higher and higher, the forklift AGV, which combines pallet transfer and automated guided handling, is beginning to be favored by industrial companies, Compared with traditional forklifts. the forklift AGV uses laser navigation technology and can walk freely on complex paths. It has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and safe operation. It is widely used in warehouse handling and picking operations  .

CSG Huaxiao has been deeply involved in the AGV industry for 17 years. Its product types include traction type, load-bearing type, forklift type and AGV+, with a total of nearly 100 models.

Recently, CSG Huaxiao has launched a AGV forklift model-Huapeng W series steering wheel type ground forklift AGV, This forklift AGV circumvents the problems of traditional forklifts, such as high labor cost and low safety. It adopts laser SLAM navigation technology, which is easy to deploy and has extremely high scene adaptability.



Laser navigation, route customization

The Huapeng W series steering wheel type ground forklift AGV independently developed by CSG Huaxiao adopts laser SLAM navigation technology. Relying on this navigation technology, the Huapeng W series steering wheel AGV can self-control, autonomously determine the route of travel, and intelligently predict the direction of dynamic obstacle movement.



In terms of deployment, the Huapeng W series steering wheel AGV AGV also performed "very good". Especially when changing the process, you only need to rebuild the map and plan the route. Flexible and intelligent, it can save customers hundreds of thousands of yuan in infrastructure reconstruction costs.


Real-time monitoring, status visualization

In order to facilitate customer management, CSG Huaxiao's customized intelligent management and control cloud platform can monitor the operation status and scheduling tasks of the Huapeng W series steering wheel ground cattle forklift AGV in real time 7*24 hours.



The visual interface of the intelligent management and control cloud platform makes it easy for customers to monitor the AGV anytime and anywhere, and "knows" the AGV situation of the whole plant. More intimately, CSG Huaxiao will pre-set the AGV's operation route and work tasks in the cloud platform according to the actual situation of the customer's factory and project needs. A simple one-click setting can ensure that the forklift AGV will not stop for 24 hours.


Security mechanism, multiple protection

In order to reduce the risk of the AGV during the operation and ensure the safety of the personnel and cargo on the site, the Huapeng W series steering wheel ground cattle forklift AGV is equipped with multi-level safety measures to support the safety protection of multiple sensors, including navigation laser, safety searchlight, Sound and light reminder, safety edge touch, emergency stop, etc. It can autonomously identify the surrounding environment and effectively avoid stationary objects, moving objects and people.



Application scenario

The Huapeng W series steering wheel ground cattle forklift AGV can be used for ground pallet handling, which solves the problem of automatic material handling between the warehouse and the production line. It can be applied to factories with huge demand for parts, such as automobile factories and logistics warehouses.



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